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The association Enfants du Rio was born from the initiative of a French student in Latin America. It took him several months of meetings and reflection to propose a project that responds in a relevant way to the needs of children and the local context. At the origin of the project: an in-depth analysis of the needs in the field. 

In 1999, Olivier de Metz wanted to get involved in a humanitarian project. In Lima, he meets a Peruvian pastor who confronts him with the phenomenon of street children.

For 7 months, he listens to : 

  • Children, to better understand their situation and develop a relationship of trust with them.

  • Public authorities and local NGOs to verify the complementarity of its project with existing initiatives.

From this period of reflection, it is then clear :

  • That children suffer from society's negative perception and the lack of a lasting and healthy relationship with their families.

  • That institutions and shelters exist in Lima, but that children do not go or stay there because their will is often too weak to resist the temptations of the street on a long-term basis and that these institutions do not give them the means to build a life project for themselves.

The causes of the phenomenon of street children are much deeper and more complex. They combine economic, social and psychological factors. The rehabilitation of children therefore implies long-term human support, which is the only way to understand each child with his or her history, background and aspirations.


It is on the basis of this observation that the outlines of our action were defined in 2000 when the association was created. In order for our projects to take on a real dimension, the twin association Niños del Rio was created in 2000 in Lima with a full-time local team.

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