Our centres facing COVID-19

The coronavirus epidemic affecting our planet has infected more than 15,2 million people. The virus continues to affect thousands of people every day. Unfortunately, our shelters are far from being spared and each of them has put in place the necessary measures in line with national recommendations and the gravity of the situation. 




Contaminated persons : 1 690

Deaths related to the virus : 34

Source : Google


Our local team has shown its reactivity and is organising itself to gather the necessary means to protect the residents of the home, but is also working on the implementation of a poster campaign within the establishment. 
Read the full article on the website of
our partner Citoyen des Rues International.




Contaminated persons : 6 747

Deaths related to the virus : 41

Source : Google

The team is doing its best to deal with the situation and to collect the necessary sanitary material. Read the full article on the website of our partner Citoyen des Rues International .





Contaminated persons : 1 122

Deaths related to the virus : 69

Source : Googl

Our team has adapted different strategies according to the different age groups of the children in the shelter. Read the full article on the website of our member Citoyen des Rues International.


Wash your hands very regularly 

Cough or sneeze into your elbow or into a tissue

Use a disposable tissue and discard it afterwards.
Salute without touching your hand, keeping your distance




Contaminated persons : 366 550
Deaths related to the virus : 17 455

Source : Google

It is in this complicated context that Niños del Rio y our team had had to halt a good part of its activities. However, the members are organizing themselves to help the children and their families in the best possible way. 

It is in this complicated context that our teams were forced to temporarily close the Casa Taller and Casa Acogida reception centres. The night-rounds 

Concerning the children, they are no longer allowed to visit the educators and are confined to their families. However, two children have been taken care of by two members of the association within their own families. 

We also managed to set up a system of sending food to the families thanks to a partnership with a local partner association. Two families with whom we are in contact were not considered to be in extreme poverty. The team is making the necessary arrangements for them to benefit from this assistance. To do this, it has contacted the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (MIDIS).




Contaminated persons : 10 923

Deaths related to the virus : 67

Source : Google


In Palestine, the health systems, weakened by years of blockade, have a complicated supply system and the centres have difficulty organizing themselves and collecting the necessary sanitary supplies. Indeed, the population lacks, in particular, medicines, specialists and equipment.

The country has been in a state of emergency since 5 March. 
Among the measures in force, we find the closure of schools, including
the girls' school in Zif and the school in Jubbet Adh Dhib, both co-financed by our partner Citoyen des Rues International. 




Contaminated persons : 35 727

Deaths related to the virus : 1 190

Source : Google 

In Afghanistan, too, health authorities have been weakened by recent decades of conflict and violence.

The two centres of our partner Afghanistan Demain in Kabul have therefore been closed since mid-March and the Afghan New Year and will only reopen once the health crisis has been brought under control. 




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